About Baseball Truth

Baseball Truth was created to expose many of the myths and misconceptions that circulate rampantly throughout the baseball and softball communities today. It’s almost like simple common sense is lost and many people are fooled by bad philosophies or turn a blind eye to the garbage that we all witness. Coaches are unaware of the impact they have, parents have unrealistic expectations for their children and players are being severely hindered by what they are or aren’t being taught.

So Baseball Truth was formed to provide the truth for all who seek it!  The other part of the truth is in John 8:32 where it says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” My calling is to spread the truth, not only in baseball and softball but as well as God’s truth in His word by being a Christlike example. My hope is to be a light in a dark baseball world and to make a lasting impact in the lives of every player, parent, and coach that encounters Baseball Truth!!!

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Troy P Silva
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